January 2020 Meetup Report

We’re switching things up to little monthly writeups of our events! Last night was the 95th edition of the London Internet of Things which Designit and Wipro Digital have been hosting since September last year.
Links Alex, the organiser, shared in the first part of the meetup:
  1. The Restart Project in Brixton who advocate re-use and repair in electronics
  2. Thingscon ’State of Responsible IoT’ Report 2019 which was published as part of their yearly event last December in Rotterdam.
  3. Flood Network, the canary in the coal mine of startups addressing climate change head on with technology.
Speakers included:
Muneeb Shah from Wipro talked about transparency and trust in providing vaccines safely across the world with sensors on each package and blockchain to ensure the supply chain is traceable. Then an example was given for renewable energy certificates which are bought by utilities or communities. Blockchain technologies allows owners and infrastructure owners to exchange these certificates safely which removes the need for on-site visits to a solar or wind farm.

Dr. Leonard Anderson, founder of Kemuri, a solution to monitor elderly people at home, talked about his lessons learnt after 7 years of development. 1.6M pendants (which rely on the analog system soon shut down by BT) are given every year to people who should be monitored at home but 500K are never worn. Kemuri targets that market, especially for people with dementia. They built a Sigfox remote push button to make sure there was privacy built in from the beginning too.
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December Newsletter

Hi all!

It’s been an odd year. Our friends at Sensible Object were acquired in June, #edtech pioneer Tech Will Save Us have worked out a deal with BT (who used their company name for their Christmas marketing campaign!) and others have closed up shop and moved on. Never a dull moment but it’s good to remember many will be relying on those all important Christmas sales so remember you can buy local #iot too!

Green gifts

Radbot (who are also crowdfunding!)

Beryl Lights

For young children and their parents

Primo Toys

Bleep Bleeps



Teach your child to code


Tech Will Save Us



Make things




Moritz Waldemeyer’s lighting (not exactly #iot but nice)



Thingscon (Thursday & Friday, Rotterdam)

Use promo code TC19_speakersguest for a 50% discount.


Our next event is on the 17th and will feature talks by the Open Rights Group, Balena, Tech Will Save Us founder Bethany Koby and Sign up on 

Remember, all our upcoming events are already on and this is our last newsletter here! Have a great rest of the week and if we don’t see you next week, Happy Holidays! See you in 2020.



November Newsletter

If you read this via your subscription, this is the second to last monthly newsletter I’ll be sending using Meetup! So if you enjoy getting these, please sign up HERE.

Our next meetup, our 93rd, is on November 26th! So RSVP now on!

Thanks as ever to our sponsor Balena and our host Designit by Wipro Digital.


Women of Wearables Product Prototyping Workshop (Nov 20th)

3h evening workshop run with experts from TTPMore details. 

Women of Wearables Ethical Decision Making workshop (Nov 22nd)

Morning workshop with the Virt-EU project. More details.

IoT Security Foundation Conference (Nov 26th)

More details.

Thingscon Rotterdam (Dec 12-13)

A 2 day conference / workshops about responsible internet of things design and leadership. I’ll be speaking and it’s always worth it. More details. 


Sportable are looking for embedded software engineers (junior/senior) so just email them your cv.

As always, there are plenty of jobs advertised on

Bare Conductive are looking for a business development manager.


AIOTA & friends have published a paper on semantic interoperability standards for #iot developers. More details.

Hope to see you on the 26th and if not, our next meetup (featuring mince pies) will be on December 17th!

Alex (@iotwatch)


September Newsletter

Evening everyone!

We’re back to school and back in the throws of ‘interesting times’ but things are carrying on in the community and I’m very happy to announce the fantastic people at Designit have become our new host! They’re helping us stay in the heart of East London, just at the back of Liverpool Street Station.

Join us on the 17th for our Back to School Showcase which will coincide with the London Design Festival (also featuring a growing number of technology companies).

I’m also very happy to share the news that our long time sponsor Balena have received $14.4M in funding and are hiring like crazy.

Now for the news!


IoT Thames Valley Meetup (Sept 11th)

More details.

Women of Wearables FemTech event (Sep 18th)

Featuring a speaker from #iot startup Adia HealthMore details.

IoT & Smart Hardware Showcase (Oct 24th)

More details.

IoT Cybersecurity Conference (Nov 7th)

More details.



Technology Will Save Us have a Kickstarter campaign for a programmable game platform. Back them!



Yoto are looking for hardware developers.

Matt Webb has plenty of jobs in #iot startups on 



July Newsletter


We’re in the middle of a very good summer and next Tuesday is our last meetup of the summer and our last hosted by R/GA! If you have a space that can accomodate 40-60 people in Central or East London, send me a message at

Our next meetup will be a back to school showcase on September 17th, one of our two yearly showcase events so put it in the diary and apply to show your latest work!


Hardware Pioneers (July 25th)

Talks by Nokia, Telit and Sierra Wireless on the expansion of 5G. More details. 


Brinc Hardware & IoT accelerator in China (deadline Aug 10th).

More details.

Pitch@Palace 12.0 (Deadline September 16th)

Apply to showcase your work at Buckingham Palace. More details.


IoT and Standards (deadline Aug. 9th)

The British Standards institute is working with UCL to understand #iot companies use of standards. Fill in their survey.

Consumer IoT & Data Portability (deadline Aug 7th)

UCL are also working on the Petras project and looking to interview #iot companies about their use of data. Reach out to them on twitter at @iotteam


Pauline & Jeremie are offering consultancy services using their knowledge in machine learning and hardware development.  Reach out to them.

Balena ***our fantastic sponsor***, is looking for a Technical Sales Lead!

Matt Webb continues to post interesting jobs on his site.

BuffaloGrid is looking for people in the UK & India.

Tech Will Save Us is looking for a Digital Marketing Manager.

Lancaster University is looking for lecturers around lots of #iot topics from smart homes, future living, responsive architecture and computational design, .

Have a great summer everyone!


June Newsletter

Evening all!

Hope you’re enjoying the long days and will join us on Tuesday for our second to last meetup of the summer! I always like to take a break in August. On the suggestion of many, I’ve also removed  the attendance limit so no more waiting list, just come along!

In other news, some of the community’s classic products are coming back to life. Nabaztag has a live crowdfunding campaign and Nord Projects have brought Little Printers (by Berg) back to life. Fun to see these products not go to e-waste.


IoT Thames Valley Meetup (This Wednesday)

Speakers include  Arm, Amazon, & Pen Test Partners. More details.

Smart Fabrics & the Future of Fashion (June 26th)

Evening panel discussion with founders & technologists in new materials & wearables. More details.


VirtEU Design Challenge (deadline June 20th)

Submit your ideas on how to balance personalization, privacy, and the experience with the interests and preferences of different people who live together and apart.The finalists will be invited to present their concepts as part of ORGCon 2019 on July 13th . The winning team will receive £1200. More details.

Remember to check out BetterIoT, our free checklist for #iot startups and share far and connect on Twitter with @iotlondon and #iotlondon


May Newsletter

Afternoon all!

I hope you’ve got some indoor plans for this chilly bank holiday weekend. If so you might want to add your thoughts to a response to the Department of Culture, Media and Sports open consultation on security and a labelling system for #iot. My plan is to collate the community’s comments and send a response with the names of everyone who commented by June 5th. So jump in!


IoT Thames Valley Meetup (May 8th)

Talks on printed electronics, NB-IoT, Making the ‘Real’ Ironman, R&D Funding. More details.

FemTech 2019 (May 29th)

Event that focuses on wearable and healthcare technologies targeted at women. More details.


Studio Dott in Belgium have launched an IoT Design Kit


Sara Leary is doing an M.A. on the impact of #iot on project management. Fill in her survey to help shape her research.


Diode Magazine reached out and even if they’re based in Australia, it’s a lovely printed and digital publication for tinkerers.


UCL is looking for applicants for a PhD in #iot 

Check out Matt Webb’s

Anderson Young have been working as a recruiter in #iot for the past years.

See you at the next meetup on May 21st thanks to Balena and our host R/GA!



April Newsletter

Evening all!

A little newsletter as you settle into your weekend Netflix binge-watching and we wait for spring to actually materialise. Remember that Tuesday is our Spring Showcase and I’m still looking for about 5 exhibitors. It’s free and a great opportunity to showcase your student project, startup or commercial product.

It’s hosted by R/GA and sponsored by the fabulous people at Balena.



Connected Car Summit (April 24-25)

Talks by telematics data associations, Safety personnel consultants and IoT providers. More details.

IoT Tech Expo Global (Olympia, April 25-26)

They’re expecting 12K visitors! Get 25% off on tickets with code IOTLONDON25. More details. 

Hardware Pioneers (May 23rd)

Talks by Texas Instruments, ARM and More details. 

Introduction to IoT (Cambridge, May 29th)

Run by Nick Hunn & hosted by Cambridge Wireless. More details. 



Ada Lovelace Institute is looking for researchers and Associate Directors.

Yoto and Buffalogrid are looking for engineers and designers

Tech Will Save Us are looking for lots of different people across sales and marketing.

Matt Webb still has his great list of jobs.



Remember to check our our free checklist for startups: Better IoT

New to #iot? Check out the books we recommend. 

Looking for a woman to speak at your event? Here you go.

Want to speak at the next ? Fill in this form. 

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February Newsletter

Evening everyone!

Hope you’re enjoying the first signs of spring (mighty early this year) and will join us on Tuesday for the next meetup! Our 85thDisappointingly have not been able to recruit a woman to give a talk this month so if you identify as a woman and are available for a 10 minute talk get in touch!


openD launch (Feb 25th, Germany)

openD is an open source API for DECT wireless interface design that connects to Raspberry PI and ST Nucleo and will help define the upcoming DECT-5G. More details.

Fashion Tech, what’s next (Feb 27th)

Evening discussion on wearable tech and smart textiles. More details.

Hardware Pioneers (March 7th)

Talks by Microchip, NXP and Automata. More details.


Starts Prize (deadline March 1st)

A European commission prize (quick while you still can) launched by Ars Electronica, BOZAR and Waag. Two prizes, each with €20,000 prize money, are offered every year to honor innovative projects at the intersection of science, technology and the arts. More details.


The lovely Matt Webb (responsible for ‘Tech City’ as an expression) posts quite a lot of roles over at­


The founders of Cubetto­ are at it again and raising money for Pigzbe an e-wallet for kids.


January Newsletter

Happy New Year everyone!

The more detailed oriented members here will have noticed I totally snoozed on last month’s newsletter so I’m starting with a bang this year! 2018 was a great year for our community. We found a new Shoreditch-based host, RGA. We also saw the kickoff of Better IoT, our free assessment tool for #iot startups. And many books were published by community members (including mine on smart homes!). I also got organised and you can how fill in a form to apply for a 10 minute speaking slot. We’ve been going for almost 8 years now and I always look forward to hearing a diversity of voices (and people) in #iot no matter what stage an idea is at, so don’t be shy. Now on with the latest news from the community.


Matt Webb keeps an excellent job board especially for #iot startups

Buffalo Grid are hiring

Bulb are hiring


Alexa Skills Challenge (deadline: Jan 22nd)

Screen and voice-based theme. $20K of cash prize for the winner. More details. 

Brinc accelerator (deadline: Feb 17th)

This year’s themes are IoT, robotics and food. More details. 


IQRF half day workshop & meetup (Feb 6th)

Learn about this Czech-based company building low power wireless mesh technology used by British Railways. More details.

Startupbootcamp IoT Demo Day (Jan 23rd)

Get in touch with them about attending.


The GSMA (who hosted the meetup at Christmas) have published some lovely guides to help you develop for NB-IoT and LTE-M networks

Thanks to our sponsor balena for making these events and this community possible. 

Have a great start to the year everyone and take it easy at the gym! See you at the next meetup on January 22nd.