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December Newsletter

Hi all!

It’s been an odd year. Our friends at Sensible Object were acquired in June, #edtech pioneer Tech Will Save Us have worked out a deal with BT (who used their company name for their Christmas marketing campaign!) and others have closed up shop and moved on. Never a dull moment but it’s good to remember many will be relying on those all important Christmas sales so remember you can buy local #iot too!

Green gifts

Radbot (who are also crowdfunding!)

Beryl Lights

For young children and their parents

Primo Toys

Bleep Bleeps



Teach your child to code


Tech Will Save Us



Make things




Moritz Waldemeyer’s lighting (not exactly #iot but nice)



Thingscon (Thursday & Friday, Rotterdam)

Use promo code TC19_speakersguest for a 50% discount.


Our next event is on the 17th and will feature talks by the Open Rights Group, Balena, Tech Will Save Us founder Bethany Koby and Sign up on 

Remember, all our upcoming events are already on and this is our last newsletter here! Have a great rest of the week and if we don’t see you next week, Happy Holidays! See you in 2020.


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