114: September 2021 | Date TBD

We are taking a break for August, but rest assured, the 114th meetup will return in September. Date to be announced. Each #iotlondon meetup features 3 expert speakers followed by Q&A and interactive breakouts allowing you to meet and connect with the #iotlondon community.

113: July 27th 2021 



Passcode: D&@8$6Mq

  • Alison Lowndes, AI DevRel, NVIDIA – “Taking AI off-Earth”
    • Artificial Intelligence is impacting all areas of society, from healthcare and transportation to smart cities and energy. This talk will introduce the latest hardware and software at the heart of accelerated computing, focusing on embedded smart applications both terrestrial and off-Earth, with insights into how & why academia, enterprise and startups are deploying more & more “Jetsons in Space”. If you’re not familiar with NVIDIA GPUs, take an online class: www.nvidia.co.uk/dli 
  • Matthew Handley, Product Manager – Transport, Consumer IoT, Vodafone – “Getting consumer IoT products to Market”
    • In his talk, Matt will share the challenges of building and testing consumer IoT products ahead of launching on the market. He will discuss the processes you need to have in place to effectively test your designs and ensure you have the correct feedback mechanisms in place to quickly iterate and improve your product.
  • Surender Sampath, Software Engineer, AND Technology Research Ltd. – “SOTB revolutionising energy related product development”
    • SOTB (Silicon on Thin Buried Oxide) is an extremely lower power technology developed by Renesas and introduced in their latest range of MCU’s. This self-powering technology is just the start of an innovative suite of sustainable energy technology to come from them. AND Technology Research used it’s revolutionary c2 product development platform to build a Battery-less SOTB demonstrator in partnership with Renesas. It operates on energy harvesting control circuitry enabling the system to be completely batteryless A Bluetooth Low Energy (BLE) Module is used to send data collected from the sensors to a phone and features a photovoltaic cell used to harvest energy from ambient light even indoors.

112: June 29th 2021

  • Sarah Gallacher, Engineering Lead & Co-Founder, Urban Data Collective  – “Sharing Real-time Urban Data”
  • Pierre Kil, Co-Founder, OpenRemote“Turning Data into Meaningful Applications with a 100% Open Source (new and really free) IoT Platform”
  • Carl Thomas, Design and Technology (Imaging) Outreach, Kickstarter – “How Kickstarter is helping Arm the Creators”

111: May 18th 2021

  • Justyna Zubrycka,Co-Founder, Vai Kai / Founding Pioneer, Toy Pioneers Club – “Designing Playful Connected Things”
  • Joy Poole, Founding Partner, Emergence Partners
    – “Introducing the concept of Techposter Syndrome”
  • Sumit Kohli, Senior Strategic Partner Manager, HERE Technologies – “The IoT Evolution… invest wisely. Start SMALL, Think BIG, Scale FAST is still the winning mantra”

110: April 20th 2021 

  • Cigdem Sengul, Senior Lecturer in Computer Science, Brunel University
  • Paul Wealls, Founder, IoT North & Senior Product Manager, ADLINK
  • Mo Haghighi, Developer and Ecosystems Advocacy Leader – EMEA, IBM

109: March 23rd 2021

108: February 23rd 2021

107: January 19th 2021