130: Tuesday 23rd May @ Vodafone

Characterising the real-world performance of Bluetooth Low Energy

  • Donatien Garnier, Co-Founder, Blecon

What matters most in MVPs at the intersection of physical and digital worlds?

  • Peter Tuszynski, CTO & Marta Mielcarek, Head of UI, Intent

Sharing the Vodafone IoT story up to now, lessons and successes from IoT in practice case studies & what’s coming next?

  • Michele Gardiner, IoT Market Research Manager & Simon Burns, Senior Sales Manager, Vodafone

129: Tuesday 18th April @ Twilio

Multi-IMSI SIMs for a manageable global IoT deployment.

  • Jonathan Williams, Lead Product Manager, Twilio IoT

Reinventing the mobile network to put developers first.

  • Tim Dowling, CCO & Co-Founder, Stacuity

So you have an idea? IoT Product Development from Mind to Model.

  • Siobhán Ní Chofaigh, CEO & Founder, Mint-Tek

Centralised Management of LoRaWAN Gateways.

  • Paul Hayes, Technical Director, Alliot Technologies

128: Tuesday 21st March (Virtual)

Kavanagh’s of Belsize Park: How IoT is transforming the community convenience store.

  • David Morgan, VP Customer Value Propositions, SES-imagotag

Sharing success stories on how organisations can improve their air quality.

  • Chakib Berkani, Sales Engineer, Kerlink

Navigating the panorama of regulations and security solutions: What you need for IoT?

  • Cédric Lévy-Bencheton, CEO, cetome

Internet of Things and the Law. Legal Strategies for Consumer-Centric Smart Technologies.

  • Guido Noto La Diega, Assoc Prof of Intellectual Property & Privacy Law, University of Stirling / Author of “Internet of Things and the Law” / European Commission Expert Group on AI in Education

127: Thursday 23rd February @ Digital Catapult

Connectivity Standards Alliance and Matter Introduction. 

  • Christopher (Chris) LaPré, Head of Technology, Connectivity Standards Alliance

How to better utilise spaces with IoT?

  • Simon Redgate, Marketing and Communications Director, Microshare.io

Digital Security by Design and IoT – happy marriage?

  • Ramona Marfievici, Lead IoT Engineer
  • Gavin Burns, Innovation Delivery Manager, Digital Catapult,
  • Richard Gonzalez, Director, Sensor IT
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126: Tuesday 17th January @ Huckletree Shoreditch

How do you digitally transform a World Heritage Site?

  • David Green, Head of Innovation, Blenheim Palace & Craig Herrett, Director, Alliot Technologies

IoT vs Climate Change: Shiny Stuff saving the world

  • Vince Alder, Director, Smart Reflectors

Sensor failure at 51.5218234, -0.0862665 – Lessons learned at the intersection of IoT and geography

  • Ed Freyfogle, Co-Founder, OpenCage