January 2020 Meetup Report

We’re switching things up to little monthly writeups of our events! Last night was the 95th edition of the London Internet of Things which Designit and Wipro Digital have been hosting since September last year.
Links Alex, the organiser, shared in the first part of the meetup:
  1. The Restart Project in Brixton who advocate re-use and repair in electronics
  2. Thingscon ’State of Responsible IoT’ Report 2019 which was published as part of their yearly event last December in Rotterdam.
  3. Flood Network, the canary in the coal mine of startups addressing climate change head on with technology.
Speakers included:
Muneeb Shah from Wipro talked about transparency and trust in providing vaccines safely across the world with sensors on each package and blockchain to ensure the supply chain is traceable. Then an example was given for renewable energy certificates which are bought by utilities or communities. Blockchain technologies allows owners and infrastructure owners to exchange these certificates safely which removes the need for on-site visits to a solar or wind farm.

Dr. Leonard Anderson, founder of Kemuri, a solution to monitor elderly people at home, talked about his lessons learnt after 7 years of development. 1.6M pendants (which rely on the analog system soon shut down by BT) are given every year to people who should be monitored at home but 500K are never worn. Kemuri targets that market, especially for people with dementia. They built a Sigfox remote push button to make sure there was privacy built in from the beginning too.
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