November Newsletter

If you read this via your subscription, this is the second to last monthly newsletter I’ll be sending using Meetup! So if you enjoy getting these, please sign up HERE.

Our next meetup, our 93rd, is on November 26th! So RSVP now on!

Thanks as ever to our sponsor Balena and our host Designit by Wipro Digital.


Women of Wearables Product Prototyping Workshop (Nov 20th)

3h evening workshop run with experts from TTPMore details. 

Women of Wearables Ethical Decision Making workshop (Nov 22nd)

Morning workshop with the Virt-EU project. More details.

IoT Security Foundation Conference (Nov 26th)

More details.

Thingscon Rotterdam (Dec 12-13)

A 2 day conference / workshops about responsible internet of things design and leadership. I’ll be speaking and it’s always worth it. More details. 


Sportable are looking for embedded software engineers (junior/senior) so just email them your cv.

As always, there are plenty of jobs advertised on

Bare Conductive are looking for a business development manager.


AIOTA & friends have published a paper on semantic interoperability standards for #iot developers. More details.

Hope to see you on the 26th and if not, our next meetup (featuring mince pies) will be on December 17th!

Alex (@iotwatch)

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