September Newsletter

Evening everyone!

We’re back to school and back in the throws of ‘interesting times’ but things are carrying on in the community and I’m very happy to announce the fantastic people at Designit have become our new host! They’re helping us stay in the heart of East London, just at the back of Liverpool Street Station.

Join us on the 17th for our Back to School Showcase which will coincide with the London Design Festival (also featuring a growing number of technology companies).

I’m also very happy to share the news that our long time sponsor Balena have received $14.4M in funding and are hiring like crazy.

Now for the news!


IoT Thames Valley Meetup (Sept 11th)

More details.

Women of Wearables FemTech event (Sep 18th)

Featuring a speaker from #iot startup Adia HealthMore details.

IoT & Smart Hardware Showcase (Oct 24th)

More details.

IoT Cybersecurity Conference (Nov 7th)

More details.



Technology Will Save Us have a Kickstarter campaign for a programmable game platform. Back them!



Yoto are looking for hardware developers.

Matt Webb has plenty of jobs in #iot startups on 


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