June Newsletter

Evening all!

Hope you’re enjoying the long days and will join us on Tuesday for our second to last meetup of the summer! I always like to take a break in August. On the suggestion of many, I’ve also removed  the attendance limit so no more waiting list, just come along!

In other news, some of the community’s classic products are coming back to life. Nabaztag has a live crowdfunding campaign and Nord Projects have brought Little Printers (by Berg) back to life. Fun to see these products not go to e-waste.


IoT Thames Valley Meetup (This Wednesday)

Speakers include  Arm, Amazon, & Pen Test Partners. More details.

Smart Fabrics & the Future of Fashion (June 26th)

Evening panel discussion with founders & technologists in new materials & wearables. More details.


VirtEU Design Challenge (deadline June 20th)

Submit your ideas on how to balance personalization, privacy, and the experience with the interests and preferences of different people who live together and apart.The finalists will be invited to present their concepts as part of ORGCon 2019 on July 13th . The winning team will receive £1200. More details.

Remember to check out BetterIoT, our free checklist for #iot startups and share far and connect on Twitter with @iotlondon and #iotlondon

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