January Newsletter

Happy New Year everyone!

The more detailed oriented members here will have noticed I totally snoozed on last month’s newsletter so I’m starting with a bang this year! 2018 was a great year for our community. We found a new Shoreditch-based host, RGA. We also saw the kickoff of Better IoT, our free assessment tool for #iot startups. And many books were published by community members (including mine on smart homes!). I also got organised and you can how fill in a form to apply for a 10 minute speaking slot. We’ve been going for almost 8 years now and I always look forward to hearing a diversity of voices (and people) in #iot no matter what stage an idea is at, so don’t be shy. Now on with the latest news from the community.


Matt Webb keeps an excellent job board especially for #iot startups

Buffalo Grid are hiring

Bulb are hiring


Alexa Skills Challenge (deadline: Jan 22nd)

Screen and voice-based theme. $20K of cash prize for the winner. More details. 

Brinc accelerator (deadline: Feb 17th)

This year’s themes are IoT, robotics and food. More details. 


IQRF half day workshop & meetup (Feb 6th)

Learn about this Czech-based company building low power wireless mesh technology used by British Railways. More details.

Startupbootcamp IoT Demo Day (Jan 23rd)

Get in touch with them about attending.


The GSMA (who hosted the meetup at Christmas) have published some lovely guides to help you develop for NB-IoT and LTE-M networks

Thanks to our sponsor balena for making these events and this community possible. 

Have a great start to the year everyone and take it easy at the gym! See you at the next meetup on January 22nd.

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