November Newsletter


Keep yourself warm with news from across the community, safe in the knowledge it’s only 52 days to Christmas!


IoT & GDPR (Nov 6th)

A half day workshop organised by the London School of Economics and the team involved in the Virt-EU project who spoke at the last meetup! More details.

Secure IoT, Internet of Things Cybersecurity Conference (Nov 13th)

Learn about risks & threats posed IoT/connected devices | understand security best practice | meet leading experts. Use the discount code: IOTLONDON. More details.

IOTA (Nov 13th)

Meetup focused on introduction to transactions work & the IOTA tangle permits as well as the IOTA Foundation. More details.

Big Clown: DIY IoT solution Ideathon (Nov 14th)

From the Czech republic, this startup is organising a demo of their sensor kit. More details.

Hardware Pioneers Startup Demo Night (Dec 6th)

A selection of 15 startups will pitch to investors, partners and attendees. More details.

Thingscon (Dec 6-7, Rotterdam)

An annual conference on IoT aimed at practitioners with a strong focus on offering interactive sessions. More details.

IoT Slam (Dec 11th)

Virtual conference. More details.


Living in the IoT (Dec 1st)

The Institute of Engineers & Technologists are inviting authors to submit a paper on the subject of realising the socioeconomic benefits of an interconnected world. More details.

Hardware Pioneers (Dec 4th)

Workshop run by Texas Instruments showing attendees how to build Sensor-To-Cloud applications using the TI SimpleLink™ Platform. More details.


Waalflower, one of CRL’s companies are on Kickstarter.


Buffalo Grid are looking for a full stack developer.

Matt Webb is keeping tabs on jobs in the community through Job Garden.

Have a great week and see you at the next meetup on November 20th. As usual, if you’d like to share something with the community, fill in the form on our website and don’t forget to use #iotlondon and follow us on @iotlondon on Twitter.


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