November Newsletter


Keep yourself warm with news from across the community, safe in the knowledge it’s only 52 days to Christmas!


IoT & GDPR (Nov 6th)

A half day workshop organised by the London School of Economics and the team involved in the Virt-EU project who spoke at the last meetup! More details.

Secure IoT, Internet of Things Cybersecurity Conference (Nov 13th)

Learn about risks & threats posed IoT/connected devices | understand security best practice | meet leading experts. Use the discount code: IOTLONDON. More details.

IOTA (Nov 13th)

Meetup focused on introduction to transactions work & the IOTA tangle permits as well as the IOTA Foundation. More details.

Big Clown: DIY IoT solution Ideathon (Nov 14th)

From the Czech republic, this startup is organising a demo of their sensor kit. More details.

Hardware Pioneers Startup Demo Night (Dec 6th)

A selection of 15 startups will pitch to investors, partners and attendees. More details.

Thingscon (Dec 6-7, Rotterdam)

An annual conference on IoT aimed at practitioners with a strong focus on offering interactive sessions. More details.

IoT Slam (Dec 11th)

Virtual conference. More details.


Living in the IoT (Dec 1st)

The Institute of Engineers & Technologists are inviting authors to submit a paper on the subject of realising the socioeconomic benefits of an interconnected world. More details.

Hardware Pioneers (Dec 4th)

Workshop run by Texas Instruments showing attendees how to build Sensor-To-Cloud applications using the TI SimpleLink™ Platform. More details.


Waalflower, one of CRL’s companies are on Kickstarter.


Buffalo Grid are looking for a full stack developer.

Matt Webb is keeping tabs on jobs in the community through Job Garden.

Have a great week and see you at the next meetup on November 20th. As usual, if you’d like to share something with the community, fill in the form on our website and don’t forget to use #iotlondon and follow us on @iotlondon on Twitter.



October Newsletter

My book on smart homes is out now! It’s not strictly about #iot but the history  of technology in the home space in the UK & US. In any case, I can guarantee it’ll be an entertaining short read. But’s it’s not all about me…


Making it!?  (12th Oct, Liverpool)

I’m co-organising this with Adrian McEwen and it should be a great half day of talks about ‘making’, ‘makers’ and success in 2018. More details.

Hackingley (26-28th Oct)

A hackathon focused on developing crowd experiences. Aimed at students, startups, SMEs, engineers. A €5000 prize with a European pilot and an acceleration round. Travel bursaries available! More details.

Securing IoT Conference (13th Nov)

Get 15% discount on tickets with the code: IOTLONDON More details.

IoT Build 2018 (13th – 14th Nov)

Organised for the third year by the Internet of Business. Talks, and case-study led programme. More details.



Matt Webb is posting jobs from #iot startups across the country. Check them out.



Joanna Montgmery of Pillow Talk has written about being an #iot founder.


That’s it for this month. Remember to check out our resources on and submit your event, crowdfunding campaign, or anything else you’d like to share with our 13K members! As always I’m grateful to for sponsoring the event food, drinks and logistics for the last 3 years and counting.

Have a great week and see you at the next meetup on the 30th with our new host R/GA!



September Newsletter

Morning everyone!

We’re only a few days away from our next meetup hosted by Google and sponsored as always by Resin on Tuesday so I hope you’ll join us in the beautiful King’s Cross offices!

I’ll also be sharing the results of our Big Yearly Survey which has so far (*cough*) 25 responses. So please take part! 

I’m also excited to share that R/GA will be hosting us for the next couple of years in their beautiful Shoreditch offices!


IoT Hack and Pitch, Cambridge (17th-18th September)

Organised by the Digital Catapult with prizes for the winners. More details.

This AI Life (October 3rd)

Organised by the Cooley LLP, Future Intelligence and The Institution of Engineering and Technology (IET) More details.

Hardware Studio Live (October 3rd)

Manufacturing Workshop with Kickstarter, Avnet and Dragon Innovation. More details.

Hardware Pioneers (October 4th & 11th) 

Developing IoT Solutions Using Bluetooth Mesh Networking with Nordic Semiconductors. More details.

Talks on the future of transportation by Digi International & Transport Research Foundation. More details.

Making it!? (Liverpool, October 12th)

A half day conference about making and success (I’m co-organising it with Adrian McEwen of DoES Liverpool who are hosting!) More details.

IOT Solutions World Congress (October 16-18th)

Visit the Expo for free  with promo code 2304849F or get a €600 discount for the Congress for promo code ECCB9D8E. More details.


Michael Kann at the RCA is looking for 3-6 participants from UK based IoT companies/startups working on #iot for the home to take part in an approximately 2 hour workshop to test a toolkit he has designed. Get in touch with him at michael dot kann at network dot rca dot ac dot uk


Many Pebbles are hiring a junior electronics engineer. More details. 



August Newsletter

Afternoon everyone!

I’m one of those awful people who really enjoyed putting on a coat this morning for this typical August rainy day. Four weeks of boiling London has to be some kind of record.

It’s that time again though. Time to waste a couple (no more I promise) of minutes mapping the community with out BIG IOT SURVEY! It’s the 3rd year in a row I do this and it’s quite usefu. Read about our 2016 and 2017 results.



Hardware Pioneers (Sept 6th)

Talks by Hitachi, Pod Point and Texas Instruments. More details.

IoTUK Challenger South (Sept 17-18th)

Hackday with  5 challenges on transport, smart cities & health and cash prize for the winner. More details.

Making it!? (Liverpool, October 12th)

(Disclaimer I’m helping organise it) A half day of panel discussion on making, the maker market, manufacturing at every scale and what success looks like. More details. 


Central Research Laboratory (Deadline Aug 15th)

This accelerator in Hayes are looking for mentors to help their startups scale. More details. 


Matt Webb’s got an excellent list of #iot job openings. Check them out.

I hope you’ll join us on September 18th as we’ll be hosted by Google in King’s Cross as part of the London Design Festival! An unusual format for us, I’ll be MCing a panel discussion with luminaires of the London internet-connected interactive art community.

As usual I cross-post this to Linkedin­ and Facebook­ if you hate your inbox. You can also check us out on Twitter at #iotlondon and @iotlondon

And if you fill in I’ll include your launch, crowdfunding campaign, event in this newsletter! Enjoy the rest of the holidays (and don’t forget to fill in the BIG IOT SURVEY! )



July Newsletter

I hope you’re enjoying our current sports-intense silly season. I’m spending it with my good friend Word on my upcoming book on smart homes. Yes it’s a shameless plug, well spotted 🙂 Onwards with this month’s community events!


#iotmark meeting (July 27th)

We’re putting on another meeting to dig into the future of the #iotmark project which we started last year. A free and easy to use, championed guideline for good #iot design, it is possible? More details.



Startupbootcamp IoT (deadline: today)

Apply for this 3 month B2B/Industrial #iot accelerator in East London. More details.

Brinc (deadline: July 23rd)

A connected hardware, drones and robotics accelerator invest in 18 companies between $70k – $100k USD per team. More details.



Matt Webb has been keeping an excellent job board which you should follow. 42 on there as of today all in #iot



Storyball are on Kickstarter.



  • Ultra are looking to get feedback on an environmental monitoring project they’ve just started.
  • Karen Salvatierra who is working on her dissertation at UCL has a survey on  smart home technology she’d like you to fill in.
  • Sadler’s Wells are looking for sponsors for their upcoming danse-a-thon (it’s french danse with an s) an event focusing on the overlaps in dance and tech! Get in touch with JiaXuan dansathon (dot) ldn (at) gmail (dot) com



Two separate articles on how #iot has contributed to domestic abuse by the New York Timesand a guide on how to protect yourself in those situations by UCL. Gulp.


See you on Tuesday 24th for our next meetup, hosted by Kilburn & Strode and sponsored as always by who are looking for great people to work with them!



June Newsletter

I hope you’re enjoying a beautiful afternoon and pottering in the garden. I’ve decided to cancel this month’s meetup as we have an open #iot certification mark event this Wednesday and that’s more than enough for one month. We’ll be coming back to our usual schedule on July 24th hosted by the lovely people at the law firm Kilburn & Strode. Onwards with the news!


GSMA Community

Apply to be featured on this database of 950 mobile IoT Innovators. More details.

Startupbootcamp IoT (deadline July 9th)

Apply to be part of the 3rd cohort of this B2B accelerator in Shoreditch. More details.

IoT Solutions World Congress (deadline July 9th)

Submit your #iot solution be showcased in Barcelona in 16-18 October. More details.


Thames Valley Meetup (June 20th)

Speakers from Microsoft, Durham University, F-Secure, Kontron, Review Display Systems, Tabnova and the Knowledge Transfer Network. More details.

Hardware Academy (June 21st)

Renesas and Rutronik have teamed up with the Hardware Academy to help you get started with the first fully qualified embedded microcontroller software and hardware platform, the Renesas Synergy™ Platform.
Attendees will learn how to easily add secure connectivity to their application, with technologies including WiFi, BLE, Cellular, USB, MQTT and TLS. More details.

Hardware Pioneers (July 5th)

Speakers on the theme of the Smart Home include Panasonic, Deutsche Telekom and Nordic Semiconductor. More details. 

FutureFest (July 6-7)

Organised by Nesta and co-curated by Ghislaine Boddington one of our community members, this is a very multi-disciplinary event addressing the future of/with tech. More details.


Our sponsors are looking for a digital visual designer.

Domino Printing (they print on eggs!) is looking for an #iot cloud engineer. (Cambridge area)

Remember to fill in…­ to share your launch, job opening, event with our 12.7K readers. And I cross post this to Linkedin and Facebook if you hate your inbox. You can also check us out on Twitter at #iotlondon and @iotlondon .


May Newsletter

Ciao tutti!

I’m writing this from Milan the day before Arduino Day where I’ll be MCing a panel on IOT. It’s all streamed online so tune in! Onwards with this month’s news!


Nuances of Trust workshop (May 14-15th)

Workshop at the Digital Catapult by the Alliance for Internet of Things Innovation. More details.

Product Design Sketching at Makerversity (May 15)

Learn how to draw and control a line, from doodling to perspective drawings with shading and basic forms. Use promo code IOT20 for 20% off. More details.

Blockchain, #iot & machine learning in oil & Gas Europe (May 22-23)

5 free passes available to meetup members by emailing symon dot rubens at energyconferencenetwork dot com More details.

Kickstarter and CRL present: Building Community for Hardware Products (May 22nd)

Tips on how to build intentional audiences and long-term advocates for your hardware product, from the PR agency Proper Propaganda and digital ad specialists Jellop, with Primo Toys. More details.

Redefining Consumer Goods Industry with AI and Machine Learning (May 30th)

More details.

IoT and Connected Hardware Showcase 2018 (June 7th)

Organised by the lovely people at Hardware Pioneers. More details

#iotmark London meeting (June 13th)

Join me in discussing the work of the past year on an open certification mark for #iotMore details.



The LSE and Copenhagen Institute of Interaction Design are partners on the VIRT-EU project and want feedback from startups on their design process. Contact Funda and have a coffee with her if you’re in London ( f dot ustek-spilda at lse dot ac dot uk ) More details.


Buffalogrid are looking for

Kniterate are looking for a Mechanical Engineer and Web Developers.

Makyu are looking for Head of Logistics and Business Development Manager.

Infi-tex are looking for a Mechanical designer.

Arduino are looking for developers and UX designers.

Remember to fill in to share your launch, job opening, event with our 12K+ readers. And I cross post this to Linkedin and Facebook if you hate your inbox.  Share your stuff with us by using @iotlondon the rest of the time too.

Have a great weekend everyone and remember we’re only 2 weeks away from the GDPR implementation deadline! #eeeep



Milan, September and a reminder

I hope you’ll be joining me tomorrow night on the rooftop of Second Home. Thanks to our sponsors and bulb we’re able to showcase a lovely collection of startups to kick off a late spring.

If you can’t join us, please do update your RSVP and be nice to your digital neighbour!

Our next meetup is on May 22nd and we’re looking for a host! Get in touch at alex at iot dot london.


In other news, I went to Milan for the Furniture Fair. Think CES but for designers and across the whole of Milan. I went around and collected some interesting links that relate to #iot:


  • Arup and CLS made a prototype for a 3D printed house.
  • ECAL, a swiss design school, had student’s work manufactured by Formlabs machines and sold on site.
  • The french company Dassault Systèmes worked with Superflux­ a London #iot futures studio and Wesley Goatley a London artist and researcher to build a visualisation of pollution in Milan. Their other demos used VR to make your own home online, 3D scanning shoes for customisation and smart cities platforms.
  • Andrea Anner and Thibaut Brevet made Sunny Side Up, a sundial that uses a robotic arm.


September 18th is our next showcase event and I’m interested in showcasing #iot work from artists, designers and students as we coincide with the London Design Festival. Get in touch if that’s you!


April Newsletter

Happy #iotday everyone!

Rob Van Kranenburg started this tradition in 2011 and we’re proud to include our upcoming showcase as part of the festivities taking place across the month. For those of you wanting to celebrate today, Rob is in town and inviting you to join him in town for a drink.

Onwards with this month’s news!


Thames Valley meetup (April 18th)

Speakers from Amazon Web Services, Vodafone, Cloud9 eSIM Technologies, Ultra IoT, Armor Associates, Microshare & Knowledge Transfer Network. More details.

IoT Tech Expo (April 18-19th)

Taking place at Olympia London, use code IOTLDN18 for a 15% discount on tickets. Free expo passes also available. More details.

Smart London Camp (April 21st)

City Hall unconference. The ideas pitched and discussed could directly shape London’s digital future and become part of a new Smart London Plan, to be launched by Mayor Sadiq Khan at London Tech Week. More details and a survey.

ODI Leeds #iot showcase ( April 24th)

Free talks, demos and workshops as part of Leeds Digital Festival. More details.

Hardware Pioneer workshop (April 25th)

Learn to develop low power, low cost IoT solutions using the STM32 IoT Node Discovery Kit.
Participants take home the kit for free. More details.

Hardware Pioneers meetup (May 10th)

Talks by ARM, Altium, Microchip and LPRS. More details.

BOOST sessions (April & May)

Offered by Central Research Laboratory theses free workshops cover digital marketing, PR, social media, and branding. More details.

London #iotmark meeting (June 13th)

Join us for this face to face meeting of the community’s work on an internet of things certification mark. More details. Buy your ticket.


Ultra are looking to build an #iot prototyping studio and want your feedback about the idea. Fill in their survey.

Have a great #iotday and I look forward to seeing you at our showcase event, hosted by Bulb on the beautiful roof terrace of Second Home in Shoreditch.

As ever, thanks to our sponsor, the deployment platform

If you’d like to share your event, launch, crowdfunding campaign or anything else with the community fill in our online form at and remember we’re on @iotlondon on twitter and have facebook and linkedin groups where I cross-post this newsletter if your inbox is too full.


March Newsletter

Finally it’s starting to feel like spring here in London after an apocalyptic few days last week. *Loads* going on this month to reflect the return of £1 daffs and bluebells.


Women in Hardware (Tomorrow)

CRL & Women of Wearables are putting together a joins event tomorrow to celebrate #IWD More details.

Hardware Pioneers (Tomorrow)

Talks by Texas Instruments, Telefonica and Renesas Electronics. More details.

Startups Exit (March 9th)

Evening event on how to prep for M&A from Seed and beyond. More details.

Open #iotmark (Berlin, March 9th)

We’re meeting up to clean up the principles and assessment framework for an internet of things certification mark. More details.

UCL Design for Performance & Interaction Faire (March 15th)

These great MA students located in the new HereEast buildings are showcasing their work in progress which includes *a lot* of electronics. More details.


CRL Boost sessions (deadline March 19th)

CRL are offering fully funded workshops with experts covering adv manufacturing, marketing and investment. Workshops are free, and aimed at hardware companies who are ready to scale. More details.


BuffaloGrid are looking for a senior hardware engineer.

Nicholas is looking for software and hardware folks for his #iot in construction product.


The Little Book of Design Fiction for the internet of things by partners of the PETRAS project is free to download online.

Finally don’t forget to wish Happy International Women’s Day to the women in your professional entourage tomorrow. We maintain a list to highlight those working in #iot which you can contribute names to. Every little counts.

As usual fill in our online form if you’d like to share something with our 12.2K strong online community. Our next meetup is on the 20th and will be hosted by IoT Tribe at the Shard!

You can find us on twitter at @iotlondon, on linkedin and on facebook.