Milan, September and a reminder

I hope you’ll be joining me tomorrow night on the rooftop of Second Home. Thanks to our sponsors and bulb we’re able to showcase a lovely collection of startups to kick off a late spring.

If you can’t join us, please do update your RSVP and be nice to your digital neighbour!

Our next meetup is on May 22nd and we’re looking for a host! Get in touch at alex at iot dot london.


In other news, I went to Milan for the Furniture Fair. Think CES but for designers and across the whole of Milan. I went around and collected some interesting links that relate to #iot:


  • Arup and CLS made a prototype for a 3D printed house.
  • ECAL, a swiss design school, had student’s work manufactured by Formlabs machines and sold on site.
  • The french company Dassault Systèmes worked with Superflux­ a London #iot futures studio and Wesley Goatley a London artist and researcher to build a visualisation of pollution in Milan. Their other demos used VR to make your own home online, 3D scanning shoes for customisation and smart cities platforms.
  • Andrea Anner and Thibaut Brevet made Sunny Side Up, a sundial that uses a robotic arm.


September 18th is our next showcase event and I’m interested in showcasing #iot work from artists, designers and students as we coincide with the London Design Festival. Get in touch if that’s you!

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