August Newsletter

Afternoon everyone!

I’m one of those awful people who really enjoyed putting on a coat this morning for this typical August rainy day. Four weeks of boiling London has to be some kind of record.

It’s that time again though. Time to waste a couple (no more I promise) of minutes mapping the community with out BIG IOT SURVEY! It’s the 3rd year in a row I do this and it’s quite usefu. Read about our 2016 and 2017 results.



Hardware Pioneers (Sept 6th)

Talks by Hitachi, Pod Point and Texas Instruments. More details.

IoTUK Challenger South (Sept 17-18th)

Hackday with  5 challenges on transport, smart cities & health and cash prize for the winner. More details.

Making it!? (Liverpool, October 12th)

(Disclaimer I’m helping organise it) A half day of panel discussion on making, the maker market, manufacturing at every scale and what success looks like. More details. 


Central Research Laboratory (Deadline Aug 15th)

This accelerator in Hayes are looking for mentors to help their startups scale. More details. 


Matt Webb’s got an excellent list of #iot job openings. Check them out.

I hope you’ll join us on September 18th as we’ll be hosted by Google in King’s Cross as part of the London Design Festival! An unusual format for us, I’ll be MCing a panel discussion with luminaires of the London internet-connected interactive art community.

As usual I cross-post this to Linkedin­ and Facebook­ if you hate your inbox. You can also check us out on Twitter at #iotlondon and @iotlondon

And if you fill in I’ll include your launch, crowdfunding campaign, event in this newsletter! Enjoy the rest of the holidays (and don’t forget to fill in the BIG IOT SURVEY! )


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