September Newsletter


Hardware Pioneers (September 14th)

Speakers from STMicroelectronics, Nordic and Sigfox. More details.

Cambridge industrial #iot meetup (September 14th)

More details.

The Good Home (Care) workshop (September 19th)

Inviting people who want to think about new ideas for home designs in a care context. (Disclaimer: its a two year project I’ve been running!) More details

IoT Security (October 17th)

Duncan is looking for sponsors. Get in touch with him at More details.


Cybersecurity of the IoT hosted by IET, March 2018

Deadline for paper submission is November 10th! More details.


UK company Device Pilot now available on the AWS marketplace. More details.


VIRT-EU project is looking for feedback on how you develop #iot solutions. More details.

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