April Newsletter

Lots going on in this month’s community newsletter. One thing to highlight first is that we have a showcase of work for our next meetup. Think of it as a trade show setup but less formal and a great way to get feedback. We do this twice a year only so really worth attending if you can. If you have a project/prototype you’d like to show, just fill in the form on the meetup page.


Metavallon Accelerator (Deadline April 27th)

Four month program with €22K of pre-seed funding for winners and €200K worth of services. More details.



The Inventor Centre

Tom Rafferty is looking for feedback from before they launch their KS campaign. Help them out!



Iot & Your Business at the British Computing Society (Tomorrow)

Talks by Duncan Purves of 2Insight Ltd and Paul Green of Iotics Labs. More details.


Intel IOT Roadshow (May 14th)

Includes access to a dev kit for the day. More details.


Internet of Business Events (all year)

Events across Europe around manufacturing, retail, insurance and the technical challenges of #iot. More details.



Check out Pacif-i, the smart baby pacifier which is now shipping!


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