August newsletter


Smart Oxford Challenge (Deadline Aug 7th)

A day of helping anyone with a digital or #iot idea that would apply to Oxford. You pitch it to press and city officials at the end of the day. (I’m helping organise this). See details.

Solid Amsterdam (Oct 28th)

Technology publishers O’Reilly are bringing their Hardware, Software and IOT event to Europe. Use code IOTLDN20 to get 20% off best price before 6 Aug. See details.


Simon Blacker has just started an online discussion board/community for people interested in #iot. Monthly prizes for contributing and you can win an Arduino Yun or Raspberry Pi for posting. See details.


Demo space at the meetup

I announced last month that I’d love to see people bring their hacks to showcase at the meetup on Sherlock/One Fine Stay’s big tables. So to kick that off, I have 2 copies of Designing Connected Products to give away to the best hacks at the September meetup. Have a think!

IOT Suitcase

I’ve decided to collect not only a bookcase of #iot books but as many samples of products from the community as possible in a large suitcase I can send to conferences who want to showcase the community. See details

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