106: December 15th. Sign up here 

Speakers will be announced 2 weeks prior. Email dominie@iot.london if you’d like to speak

105: November 17th. 

104: October 20th

103: September 22nd

102: August 18th

101: July 28th

100. June
Kevin Ashton,
David Rose
Usman Haque, Umbrellium

99. May
Tom Evans, BleepBleeps
Duncan Wilson & Andy Hudson-Smith, UCL Connected Environment

98. April
Gen Ashley, 3Dcrowd
Catt Tung and David Tischler, Balena
Adrian McEwen, DoES Liverpool
Annabel Maguire, Scrubhub

97. March
Ben Scott-Robinson, Small Robot Company
Jack Hooper, Feel Doppel

96. February
Ben Redford, Mayku
Greg Cippolone
Damon Hart-Davis, Radbot

95. January
Dr. Leonard Anderson , UCL
Muneeb Shah, WiPro Digital