Feb News

We had a lovely 40th meetup last month with our speakers mostly talking about what was new with Bluetooth Low Energy, how to tell if your toddler has a fever using a smart pacifier and Resin (our sponsor)’s new product launch. The next meetup is on Feb 17th but let’s not even discuss the waiting list.

In other news, we won an award! Our friend Trevor Harwood who has been curating Postscapes for a few years gave us the Editor’s Choice award for Partner & Ecosystem Builder. Very kind of him. It’s an excellent resource, have a look.


In London, I attended Seedhack as a judge last weekend. This was the first #iot focused event that Seedcamp have put on and 19 ideas were presented. My favorite was a way to get a daily reading from your water meter using Bluetooth Low Energy. As you walk past the meter (often hidden a few feet underground) a ping would be created so that the battery could last for a long time and you get a daily reading at least. As water companies don’t all provide smart or accessible meters, I think this really has legs.

Kevin Ashton is in town next Monday night to promote his new book on Invention & Creativity. If you don’t know who that is, well he CAME UP WITH INTERNET OF THINGS as a term. I’ll take my copy of the book along, hoping he’ll sign it (squeeeee).

Finally, the map I’ve put up of startups in #iot in the UK & Europe works for real! Thomas shared this with us today.



Happy Monday!



Hello 2015!


Welcome to 2015 and welcome to this site! This dedicated monthly meetup on the topic of the The Internet of Things is now 3 years old and needed to stretch its wings across the internet.

For those of you new to the meetup, well it was started in September 2011 by Cosm (formerly Pachube, now Xively). In November 2011, Alexandra Deschamps-Sonsino was asked by Ed Borden, Cosm evangelist at the time, to curate this meetup.

Resin.io and Sherlock by One Fine Stay took over as sponsors in late 2014.

The format is simple: three speakers are selected every month to talk for 10 minutes each followed by 10 minutes of Q&A. Attendees then get an hour to network and enjoy drinks & nibbles. We then move to a nearby pub.

The meetup is open to anyone interested in connected objects, environments, buildings, behaviours and more. The field is very new and every meetup tries to cover different aspects of the industry so it’s useful to come by often to hear about different perspectives. All you need is to sign up on meetup.com and come along. It’s free and very friendly and usually takes place on a Tuesday at the end-ish of every month.

Twice a year (in summer and for Christmas), we hold showcase events where we invite startups to show off their work in a trade-show like environment.

There’s also a newsletter that is published with community news which will be shared on this blog.

If you’d like to speak, get in touch with Alexandra by emailing her at alex at iot dot london with “Speaking at #iotlondon” in the subject line.

See you at the meetup!