November Newsletter

Evening all!

A bit late I know for a newsletter but hey you’re here, I’m here, it’s all good. It’s beginning to feel a lot like Christmas so here are some news to warm your cockles…

Speaking of which, please put our Connected Christmas Pop-Up in your calendar and come and visit us in Shoreditch at RGA’s offices between the 8-10th of December.


EDF Energy BlueLab Challenge (deadline Nov 13th)

12-week accelerator programme designed to help early stage startups, giving them access to the resources, facilities and the expertise. More details.

RGA IoT Venture Studio UK program (deadline December 7th)

R/GA invests £75K, provides hands-on creative support and connections over a 12 week program. The program, led by Matt Webb (@genmon), is best suited to early growth-stage IoT startups. More details.


Intel Virtual Network Function Virtual Conference for 5G and #iot (Nov 13th)

A free online conference with 20 featured tech talks, tutorials and hands-on virtual demos and labs. More details.

UX Hackathon by Aviva (Nov 24th-25th)

More details.

Optimising IoT Products for Longer Battery Life (Nov 30th)

Learn about characterising and optimising the power profiles of IoT products for longer battery life in your R&D process. Organised by Sony and hosted by Hardware Pioneers. More details. 

3DS Workshop: Designing Smart Products with SOLIDWORKS (December 6th)

SOLIDWORKS and NT CADCAM have teamed up with the Hardware Academy to showcase a unified platform of 3D software solutions. More details.

Business & Technology Insight Forums Cambridge 2017 (5-7th December)

More details.


On crowdfunding this month:

Yoto a children’s speaker

Pika who presented at our last meetup.


Electronics Engineer at SNTech (flexible or full time)

Come help them build disco lights to make commercial fishing more sustainable. More details.

October Newsletter



Connected Christmas Pop-up (Dec 8-10th)

I’m super pleased to announce R/GA IoT Venture Studio UK will be hosting us on the ground floor of their Shoreditch office. I’m looking for #iot products to sell that weekend to the general public and sponsors! More details. 


IoT Security Event (Oct 17th)

Code: IOTLONDON17 gives 15% off £70 ticket for IoT London members. Learn threats, risks, best practice & meet IoT cybersecurity experts. More details.

With the Best IoT (Oct 14-15th)

Virtual conference for developers.  More details.


Intel IoT Gloval DevFest II (Nov 7-8th)

90+ IoT industry leaders to cover four IoT tracks and to have 1:1 mentoring opportunities. More details.



IoTUK Investor Day (Deadline Oct 30th)

A chance to polish your pitch with a professional coach & then pitch to investors for funds. More details.

LPWAN Solutions for social housing and independant living (Deadline today!)

An innovation program hosted by the Digital Catapult. More details. 



Our wonderful sponsors are looking for a Community Lead.

Tech Will Save Us are looking for an Electronics & Firmware engineer.



Benjamin Brush, the new addition to BleepBleeps family is on Kickstarter now.

Brizi who are making air quality devices for kids are on Kickstarter too.

Pika who just spoke at our last meetup will be on crowdfunding soon.

Moona our friends from across the pond who have a smart sleeping system are on Kickstarter.



Milton Keynes is back! More details.


Have a great month everyone and don’t forget to join us on the 24th for our next meetup.  If you have anything to share with the community, please fill in and I’ll include it in this newsletter towards the beginning of the month!

Please note that for your viewing pleasure, we’re now on Facebook and Linkedin.

As always please check out @iotlondon on Twitter.


September Newsletter


Hardware Pioneers (September 14th)

Speakers from STMicroelectronics, Nordic and Sigfox. More details.

Cambridge industrial #iot meetup (September 14th)

More details.

The Good Home (Care) workshop (September 19th)

Inviting people who want to think about new ideas for home designs in a care context. (Disclaimer: its a two year project I’ve been running!) More details

IoT Security (October 17th)

Duncan is looking for sponsors. Get in touch with him at More details.


Cybersecurity of the IoT hosted by IET, March 2018

Deadline for paper submission is November 10th! More details.


UK company Device Pilot now available on the AWS marketplace. More details.


VIRT-EU project is looking for feedback on how you develop #iot solutions. More details.

August Newsletter


Yes, I said it. Christmas. I’d like to organise a Faire for our startups who sell things to people (I ran an #iot pop-up space a few years ago and it was fun) on the weekend of Dec 15-17th and I’m looking for a host! Get in touch at


Things Happening, September 4th

A meetup of the UK Things Network community and a chance to meet their founder! More details.

ThingMonk, Sept 11-13th

Use iotlondon as a discount code for 20% off the ticket or if you’re quick enough use IOTLONDON17 for a free ticket! (only 2 available). You can also go for free if you qualify for their diversity scholarshipMore details.

Go Global Singapore, Sept 20-24th

A 4 day mission to network with Singaporean businesses. More details. 

IOT Solutions World Congress, Barcelona, 3-5 October

Discount codes for UK companies valid until Aug 31st: Congress Pass 50% off: 9EC7EEE4 – Free Exhibition Area Pass: 0DE235DB More details.


Klevio are looking for beta testers who will get a free installation of the device. Sign up on the website. 


Britta, a researcher from UCL is doing some research on dementia and #iot and wants to interview people. She’ll be doing a table demo at the next meetup, but get in touch now!


Trackener are looking for a firmware developer & electronics engineer. Apply!

July Newsletter

Next Tuesday is our last meetup of the summer and will feature some awesome table demos from Central St Martin students thanks to Mark Simpkins. We’ll hear from Nominet, Sony and I’ll give you an update on the #iot certification mark.  Hope you’ll join us! Now for what’s happening!


Hardware Pioneers (Aug 10th)

Talks by Microchip, Cypress and Koobe/Foxconn. More details.


Hardware Academy (September 9th)

Nordic Semiconductor workshop on Bluetooth 5. More details.


Thingmonk (Sept 11-13th)

A lovely conference organised by Redmonk. More details. 



Intel Hacks (deadline July 28th)

Submit an #iot idea using the Arduino 101 and win up to $10K. More details.


OrganiCity (deadline Aug 31st)

Win up to €60K to co-create your digital solutions to urban challenges. More details.



The Technical Foundations of IoT

A very comprehensive 480-page text book. It’s like “How stuff works” for those wanting to understand IoT solutions from the ground up. Written by community members Boris Adryan, Paul Fremantle and Dominik Obermaier. More details.



IoT in the home codesign session (August)

Michael Kann is interested in working with designers and developers working with the IoT and related technologies, especially those developing IoT for the domestic space. The codesign session will look at the role of the IoT in the domestic space, aiming to develop products that are more suited to the home by using design tools and methods developed through his PhD at the RCA. Email him at



Primo Toys and Beasts of Balance are both on Kickstarter. Support our local startups!


June Newsletter


RIOT Berlin (June 8th, Berlin)

10 free tickets to the community. Just email nia at riot dot berlin. More details.

IOT Secured by BSI Kitemark workshop (June 13th)

A consulting event. More details.

Internet of Things World Europe (London, June 13-15th)

Lots going on here and it’s run by really nice people. A conference pass will get you free visitor tickets and access to selected theatres and the exhibition floor. More details.

**Open IOT Certification Mark** (June 16th)

Our very own event very kindly hosted by the London Zoo thanks to Shuttleworth Foundation fellow Alasdair Davies. We’ll be hearing from Bosch Software Innovations’s Stefan Ferber and Gérald Santucci long-time digital advisor for the European Commission and we’ll have an unconference track and work groups. A full day. Join us to get involved in what the mark will cover and help us manage it! Buy your ticket now!

‘How to avoid blandular fever’ with Robot Mascot (June 22nd)

An agency-run workshop to help founders and teams refine their pitch to investors. More details.

Mobile UX London (June 29th)

An event focusing on Designing for Alexa & #iot. More details.



Tech Data Hack (June 16-17th)

A 2 day hackathon along the theme of building interactive guides using 3D renders, images, dhtml or java. The winner is flown to Washington D.C. to show their idea at Microsoft Inspire 2017. More details.

Startupbootcamp IoT (deadline July 31st)

I was a mentor last year on this program, it’s a lot of fun. Share with your startup friends and come to London this autumn! More details.



Thames Valley (June 7th)

Cambridge Industrial IOT User Group (new!)



The nice people at Ericsson invited me to see their work on #iot in Nice and I wrote about it. Enjoy!


Ericsson’s #iot work at TMFLive

I’ve been spending the last two weeks hanging out with telco and wifi people. First at Atmosphere 2017, a yearly conference organised by Aruba who offer corporate wifi networks to large enterprise clients. Last week I was visiting Ericsson IT at TMFLive, an event for the telco industry in Nice.

I’m a product designer first and foremost and it’s been eye opening to see what people think IOT means in an infrastructure context. For them, broadly, it’s all data and usage. There is no distinction between a kettle and a lamp connected to the internet, it’s all data they have to manage, offer dashboards for, help their customers (large scale manufacturers of those ‘things’ to manage at scale, to help them identify it on the network and control if something goes wrong).

While speaking to Any Puhakainen a security expert at Ericsson, we got to the crux of what makes #iot not just a ‘thing’ and why I’m always uncomfortable with people writing off #iot as just ‘data’.

She showed me some of Ericsson’s dashboard (see below) for device security management and with some nicely laid out tools to figure out what happened to a particular device and what the impact of a breach might be. This all depended ultimately on the device being identifiable by Ericsson (this camera, this model, this year of make, this capability) and its ‘expected’ behaviour to be something they are able to get ‘out of the box’.

This implies that a manufacturer would disclose to the network what the ‘normal’ behaviour of use of their device might be. This is interesting as it then depends on the device. For a kettle, is it supposed to be turned on every hour? Or is 10 times an hour too much? Depends on the context, office or home. Who is supposed to tell the manufacturer this so that they are able to disclose this to the network or anyone else? Someone, somewhere along the chain needs to own this to make security possible at all presumably. If it’s the end user/customer/human that makes them the first line of support for their own usage which seems a little wonky when you think of how much companies spend on their IT and security teams. I know we’re in a DIY economy, but when it’s a heart rate monitor someone has to man up and say they’ll be responsible for the performance of the device and its data. So who owns this problem?

I had a further conversation with Karan Budhiraja at Ericsson, who is working on network slicing tools. We had a good conversation on SLAs and information management across telco partners. I’ve built the Good Night Lamp with 2G and an MVNO as a partner. It got me thinking about the contractual challenges of offering a connected heart rate monitor, which relies on a GSM connection. What if you buy a product like that in the UK, take the Eurostar and the connectivity drops in the tunnel and you have a heart failure. By the time you reemmerge out the other end, will the UK emergency services be called? The French one? How would they know who you are? Will it simply be down to whoever is a doctor in the train or can you already know that?

Lots of challenges and lots of opportunities, especially when it comes to billing a customer for all this as a telco. I chatted with Mireille Harvey at Ericsson who shared some thoughts on how dynamic billing is a new challenge. Do you charge per sensor reading, per insight or per transaction. We discussed how Ericsson’s foray into an agricultural showcase showed them some of the challenges of dealing with that sector, looking for cities to provide tools for groups of farming cooperatives instead of targeting directly cash strapped farmers.

If you’re interested in more, there’s now an interview of Ericsson’s CTO Ulf Edwaldsson that was captured during the event.

All in all, lots of food for thought for me and our upcoming #iot certification event on June 16th at the London Zoo!

May Newsletter

It’s spring kindof at last, maybe, and it’s conference season so I’m writing this on a Eurostar train back from Aruba Atmosphere EMEA 2017 where #iot is on every single slide. Fascinating how quickly the opportunities and challenges are being embraced or discussed. Now for what’s on this month!


Big Data, Data Mining and Machine Learning at BCS (May 10th-11th)

Event led by Dr Malcolm Sherrington author of a book on “Mastering Julia”. More details.

Global IOT DevFest (June 2-3)

An online conference where you can ask questions to Intel, Microsoft, Google folks.More details.

Hardware Pioneers (June 8th)

Talks by Honeywell, Mouser and Analog Devices. More details.

From an open #iot definition to a certification mark (June 16th)

Usman Haque (former founder of Pachube who kicked off these meetups back in 2011) and I are organising this, you should come along. More details.

Global AI Hackathon at Campus London (June 23rd-25th)

They are looking for sponsors too. More details. Register.


Check out the Amazon Echo for your health Sens by Vie.

See you next week for our Tuesday meetup with speakers Klevio,, Samsung and Mobicycle!


April Newsletter


Hardware Scaling by RPD & Plexal (April 24th)

The event will focus on how to take hardware products from early stages of development through to design for manufacture (DFM) and manufacturing. More details.

Hardware Pioneers (May 4th)

Talks by Kickstarter, Seymourpowell, Special Projects and Morrama. More details.

Apply to be video interviewed the event  and get your product’s story featured on Mouser’s channels. Apply.


GovStart Program (April 27th)

Working on a product targeted at a government client? Apply for this new support program. More details.

Amazon Alexa Skills Challenge (May 9th)

Build a new voice-activated skill for Alexa and win a chance to prizes totaling $40,000. More details.


IoT Privacy and Regulation

Dr.Gilad Rosner gave a great talk at UC Berkeley about this. Listen.


Peeka are raising a seed round of investment. Check them out.