IOT Suitcase


We’re often asked about curating a selection of London startups for an event. It’s tricky at the best of times and people may not have the time to work with us, so we’ve decided to put together the ultimate IOT London Suitcase which will include prototypes of products from London Internet of Things startups. This suitcase will travel to whoever wants a selection of products in their event showcase, be used at the meetup on a monthly basis to show new attendees what’s going on and will generally help spread the word about startups however small they may be.

If you’d like to take part, drop a product or prototype and no more than a combined total of 50 business cards or postcards (no flyers please they take up too much space) at the meetup or send it to:

Designswarm Industries Ltd, Unit 9, Piano Club, Piano House, 9 Brighton Terrace, SW9 8DJ. 

You have to be based in the UK, ideally London, to be included. 

We will be sending this suitcase out to whoever needs and will get them to cover transport and insurance, otherwise we will use it at meetups. If you’d like to draft a loan agreement, you can send it to michaela at designswarm dot com.


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